Monthly update from our CEO, Esther

As the summer holidays approach, it’s all go here at SMDSSG planning for our holiday club pilot. It’s also the time that we start planning our events for 2024-25. Spoiler alert – we have some amazing things planned!! There will be fantastic social events for all ages, parents’ socials, a Work Fit information evening, a pizza night for our AGM…and some BRILLIANT Chatterbox themes and activities. We will have Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy sessions again; information and sign-ups are in our July newsletter.

As ever, if there are things you would like to see the charity doing, please do email us on

Our rebrand work is moving forwards with lots of long-term planning for exciting things that will help us accelerate our mission of reaching more and more people with Down’s syndrome and supporting our members through all the stages of their journey. That will also include our ability to connect and influence external stakeholders more effectively such as schools and healthcare professionals. We are now asking for a small number of member representatives to attend a meeting where some new branding materials will be shown, so please do let us know if you are interested in being involved.

Other News

James Martin, MBE

Actor James Martin made MBE at Windsor Castle


Lloyd Martin

Lloyd Martin becomes the youngest person with Down's Syndrome to complete the London Marathon...


A tribute to Jeffrey

A tribute from Jeffrey's Dad, Michael.

It’s hard to forget his beaming smile, the cheeky twinkle in his eye and his unstoppable energy, whether it was racing around the playground, playing with water, and splashing it everywhere, especially when having a bath or playing with his sister Victoria. Jeffrey liked playing with shoes and was always quick to the door to dash out. Jeffrey will always be remembered in our household for breaking TVs, we can count on both hands how many he broke, it was actually 7 TVs, which was quite expensive, nevertheless we continued buying new TVs. Jeffrey loved Paw patrol - his favourite characters where ‘Chase’ and ‘Rubble’ and he would sing along to the theme song in own little way.

The first ever Barbie Doll with Down's syndrome

Model Ellie Goldstein who has featured on the cover of Vogue and Glamour talks about the importance of people with Down's syndrome being represented “people need to see more people like me out there in the world.”