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Timothy Broadhurst and Timpson win top prizes at National Employment Awards

Huge congratulations to Timothy Broadhurst who has won the coveted David Grainger Award at the British Association of Supported Employment Awards. Not only did Timothy triumph, so did his employers, Timpson Ltd who won first prize at this year’s Employer Practice winner. Timpson are the multi-national retailer who have their HQ in Wythenshawe, Manchester.

Tim was presented with his award by Coronation Street actor, Liam Barstow and Diane Lightfoot, Director Policy and Communications at United Response.

From his first meeting with our WorkFit service, Tim displayed his enthusiasm and motivation. It was clear that his independence was very important to him and that his goal of securing paid work would allow him greater choice and control and the opportunity to consider independent living. His comment “I don’t want to be stuck with my mum and dad all my life” is one that will resonate with many people!

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Tim's experience at Timpson's also made BBC Northwest news

Dear Rosie

Dear Rosie,

I would like to say thank you to you because you have taught me how to be a more understanding, well-rounded person. When you were born, despite how proud I was, I hate to admit that I was nervous, mainly because I did not understand the learning disability you have – Down's syndrome. You have taught me that having a learning disability is nothing to worry about and I also now see everybody as loving human beings no matter what learning disability or physical disability they may or may not have. I would also like to thank you for understanding me. Although you may not be able to communicate through fluent English with me, I really appreciate you smiling with me when I'm happy and comforting me when I'm sad. As well as that, pictures, videos and the presence of you make a lot of people happy. So, thank you from myself and a lot of other people.


Kate's Interview with Kevin Kilbane

One of our members, Kate Goodrich, had an interview with Kevin Kilbane.

You can hear it at conversation.

Bachofner Family Prenatal Diagnosis

When SMDSSG members Tom Bachofner, 38, and his wife Karen’s unborn child was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, they didn’t question whether they’d go ahead with the pregnancy


Kate, My Sister - a poem by Jacob (aged 9)

Kate loves bath time, she splashes and laughs.
Face in the water, bubbles blowing.
Picks up a cup and starts throwing.
Playing in water is her favourite thing.
Swimming, spluttering and splashing everyone and everything what makes her giggle.
Kate has Down’s Syndrome , but it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
Just because she’s different, it doesn’t mean she’s not loved and thought of

Jacob Robinson (9 years )

Family life: Theo and Granny make pizza

Snapshot: Theo and me making pizza on a rainy day