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Down Syndrome Education International

Inclusive Teaching Matters

EDSA social inclusion and curriculum access webinar, Gillian Bird

PACT online training videos - the following recordings of the online advice sessions held in June 2020 are available again to watch online. These recordings will be available for free for the foreseeable future, and you can share them with others who may find them useful.

You can access the sessions by clicking on the links below.

Session 1: Supporting Literacy Development, Dr Kelly Burgoyne
Session 2: Promoting Language Learning, Rebecca Baxter
Session 3: Preschool Intervention: Early Language and Communication, Professor Vesna Stojanovik - please note that we are no longer able to provide access to this recording
Session 4: Developing Number and Maths Skills, Dr Jo Van Herwegen

Please note that these videos are Unlisted which means that you can only access the videos using the above links. We hope these recordings are a useful resource for you, and provide some practical ideas and strategies you can try. If you have questions about the recordings, please email Kelly.Burgoyne@manchester.ac.uk