Help Us

The South Manchester Down's Syndrome Support Group gets no government funding and relies totally on donations and grants.

Our chatterbox clubs cost about £600 a month to run. We aim to cover 50% of the cost to make sessions affordable to families, with further subsidies for families who need it.

We send out over 400 copies of our newsletter each month, about 50 still by post.

To continue providing Chatterbox clubs, sending our newsletters and offering free and/or subsidised events, we need funds.

What Can You Do?

  • do a car boot sale
  • bake cakes and sell them at your school or work
  • do a sponsered event
  • have a wear green day at work or school
  • sell some unwanted items on e-bay
  • Do you have a skill that would be useful to the group?
  • Can you spare a couple of hours every month to do the jobs that keep the group running?
  • Can you volunteer to help set up or clean up at a Chatterbox Club?

We are always looking for help from parents, friends or relatives. If you feel you could spare some time to help on the committe, help organise an event or fundraise then please let us know. Email

For any further information about donating please contact

When you're doing your Christmas shopping you could also be helping us raise some money!