Funding news April 2017

Saturday 22nd April 00:00 (5 years ago)

Many thanks to the following for their generous donations:

Lisa Degg, Marley’s mum, and colleagues at Timpson raised £551.28 on WDSD

Henry Dunn, Ella Tyrell-Marsh’s uncle, raised £120.05 at Inform CPI for WDSD

Simmondley Primary School Year 5 girls bake sale - raised £160

Donations from family and friends following the funeral of Mrs Nellie Cruickshank - £200. Thank you for thinking of us and condolences from SMDSSG.

Please think about SMDSSG when you are in your local supermarket, bank etc if they have charity schemes (eg Waitrose and John Lewis have Community Matters, Sainsbury's have a charity of the year, Asda have Community Life). Please nominate us, if that is all that is required. If there is an application form and/or more information needed, please contact Bernadette.